• Bible faithS in God44:10
  • Inner Peace36:44
  • Loved by God47:20

Weekly Bible reading

1 John 1-5

Weekly confession

I have the peace of God. My mind is at peace. My soul is at peace. I resist worry, fear, anxiety and stress. I have given these to God and have received His peace. I put my hope and trust in Him in all these things.

Weekly prayer highlight

A thankful heart is the born-again, Christian's reminder that His blessings are around us all the time. When we find ourselves in a place of bitterness, jealousy, regret, anxiety or even anger, make it a time to express our thankfulness to God for all the good He constantly and overly-abundantly pours on us daily! (1Thess 5:18, Phil 4:6, Col 3:15-17)


May 27th, 2018

Bible faithS in God

Genesis 3, Matthew 4, 6:25-34, Hebrews 10:35-11:6, Proverbs 3:5-6, Mark 11:22-25, Jude 1:20, Romans 4:16-21, 10:14-21, 2 Timothy 2:22, Ephesians 1:15-18, Colossians 1:9-12

Our Enemy
Satan is not only a deceiver, shamer, accuser and trouble maker…but he is also a questioner and arguer. His desire is to weaken our faithS and get us to believe his mess. He will use thoughts, problems, people and other people’s problems to challenge, weaken and destroy your faithS.

Our faithS in God
Have faithS in God! Have Bible faithS in God!! The truth is everyone has beliefs about God, His will, His Word, His ways…salvation, healing, the Holy Spirit, prosperity, forgiveness, grace, sin+++ Our desire is to have Bible faith in God and be protected from our enemy’s attacks.

Bible faithS
We live by Bible faithS in God not by what we can see, feel, figure out or what we are going through. In other words we don’t form our beliefs, circumstances don’t form our beliefs but the word of God should.

What are you considering?
Are you thinking over and over about how you feel? The way things look? The way things have been? What’s happened…happening to others? Or are you thinking over what God’s Word says? What His Spirit has revealed to you? His ability, power, faithfulness, love and will for your life?


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