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Weekly Bible reading

II Corinthians 7 - 12

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Weekly prayer highlight

This week we continue to join together in prayer for the plans, purposes and work of God in our church, through our church and throughout the valley where God has planted us. We pray that God would continue pouring out of His Spirit on each heart, home and business. That He would draw people to Jesus revealing the gospel and convicting them of their sin. That He would extend His hand in power and help to bring healing, direction and answers to people’s lives. That He would continue molding, gracing and empowering His people, that His will might be done in us and through us.


Sep 24, 2017

Jesus said what?!? About God the Holy Spirit?!?

John 14-16, Acts, 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 

Jesus said that it was better for Him to go to Heaven so that He could send back the Holy Spirit, who now is with us and can be in and upon us thanks to Jesus’ history changing sacrifice on the cross and victory at the resurrection!

 I love looking at the transformation in the disciples as they are filled and anointed with God the Holy Spirit. The work that God did in them and through them…as well as other believers throughout the book of Acts…and that book isn’t done we are still walking it out each day as Jesus’ body filled, anointed, lead and empowered by His Spirit. There are different ages or seasons of God working with and reaching out to humanity…we have the privilege to be living in the days of the out pouring of God the Holy Spirit!

Living in these days it should be our goal and desire to be filled continually with Him, be anointed with Him, get to know and learn more of Him, yield, flow, follow and work better with Him.

Weekly confession

"I commit to growing and living by the fear of the Lord. I also commit to learning and living by His commandments. He is the love of my eternal life and so I set my heart to full know, love, seek, serve and please Him. And when I miss it I will humbly repent, get right with God and headed back on His will for my life."