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  • TGS Peace part 244:01
  • The Great Switcheroony- Peace 143:00
  • The Great Switcheroony- Healing44:11

Weekly Bible reading

Hebrews 1-6

Weekly confession

I have the peace of God. My mind is at peace. My soul is at peace. I resist worry, fear, anxiety and stress. I have given these to God and have received His peace. I put my hope and trust in Him in all these things.

Weekly prayer highlight

We are highlighting Living Word Ministries International this month as we kick off the new year. Since the 80’s Charlie & Kathy have been ministering to Asia out of Chang Mi, Thailand via their leadership seminars, Bible School and church planting projects and their orphanage that cares for over 800 kids. Let’s lift up them, their staff, those them minister to and God’s plans before the Lord so He might continue to pour out His Spirit and power on them and this work.


Jan 7, 2018


Habakkuk 2:2-3, Proverbs 29:17, 1 Timothy 4:12-16, John 21:15-19, Ephesians 4:7-16, 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

Happy New Year! As we take on 2018 and all it has in store from it’s test and trials to it’s testimonies and accomplishments the Lord has been stirring me up about the importance of God vision in our lives. A God vision gives us guidance and direction, helping us in our day to day as well as major decisions, aims our prayers and directs where to invest our time and money. It also empowers and motivates us to persistent action and anchors us through rough times as a light of hope. And it gives us purpose to live disciplined and not go back to wallowing in our sins.

As we look at God’s vision for your life let’s break it down and begin prayerfully developing…

Me- seeing the picture of who you are called to be in Christ as sons and daughters of God under His transforming work of grace. As well as His specific graces and call on your life as part of His kingdom. For your marriage? As a spouse? Parent? Grandparent? Child? Employee? Financially? What are your life scriptures that apply to these areas…write them down and keep them before you.

We- as Lighthouse, God has drawn us together with a specific vision with the overall focus being, bringing His answers to people’s lives. It’s why we have outreaches, services, Facebook, website, take up offerings, pray together, plan and meet. To spread the gospel and pray so those caught up in sin can be saved and receive His answer of forgiveness and eternal life. Minister God’s word and pray so people learn about God’s answers for their lives and they as well as their faiths and hopes grow as well as equip and empower believers to do their part of God’s plan in the kingdom. Pray for those answers, proclaim those answers and minister those answers.