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This year our Christmas Giving Tree Project is for Hannah’s House. This is a home for single, pregnant moms who are choosing life instead of abortion for their babies. We have items for general needs of the moms and babies as well as specific items for the individuals. So come on grab a tag and light (en) the Christmas Tree cuz Jesus is the King born for you and me!

December is going to be an exciting month full of God’s love, peace, joy and salvation. Here are some dates to put in the business of your holiday calendar:

December 4th Mission’s Sunday, 10 am

December 14th Christmas Caroling, 7 pm

December 17th Christmas Parade and Live Nativity, 3 pm 

December 18th Lighthouse Christmas Service and Kids Program, 10:30 am

December 25th Christmas No Sunday Service

God's Word is our life...literally. Through it He teaches, encourages, grows, challenges, comforts, leads, corrects and molds us into all He has created and saved us to be...

Prayer is powerful and eternal life changing. Join with us as we unite together in prayer to our Heavenly Father to seek God's help, hope and healing flow to our families, community and nations as we pray...

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Believe God's Word. Set your hope on God's Word for your life, future and family. Put God's Word to work in your life as you apply it. And speak God's Word, making it personal about you and your life, it will get you fired up each day...

...a church connecting people to the answers that God has for them and empowering them for life and eternity. We are a church of everyday people who’s lives are being changed by an Amazing God. At Lighthousewe teach time tested - relevant truths from the bible in a modern, contemporary style. We believe church should be life changing and eternally rewarding.I invite you to get to know us and take advantage of the resources on our website and Facebook page- because we’re here to help you and your family. Come meet other families just like yours from our community who are finding answers for life and forever, here at Lighthouse.  

                                                   Pastor Jason Snyder

We are God’s church
And we are so overwhelmingly thankful to be His
To be His people, His family and His treasure.